Although site administrators and moderators try to check all messages and to remove and delete inappropriate messages, it may still be impossible for us to examine all messages.

1-) It is assumed that all members have read and accepted the rules. Being a new member or not being aware of the rules is not a valid reason to violate the rules. The rule list is updated periodically and members should review the rule list periodically.

2-) All users who are members of the site automatically gain access to all sections within the limits of their Authority (Except for some special admin and authorized sections).

3-) The message owners are primarily responsible for the messages sent to the Forum. Admins or officials cannot be held responsible for other people's messages. However, in case of any complaint due to legal reasons, the relevant regulation is made if the authorities are informed. Posting any illegal content on the forum is strictly prohibited. Accounts of members who share illegal software (warez, crack, serial, etc.) and music (mp3, video clips, etc.) are deactivated. We reserve the right to delete, edit, move or keep messages on the forum without explanation.

4-) It is forbidden to use any type of writing style-color, graphics, message formatting that may complicate the readability and functionality of the forum and cause visual pollution. Please do not use titles that are all capital letters.

5-) Each member can have only one account. Membership can be canceled at any time. To cancel membership, you need to reach the Admin via a private message. (In case of membership cancellation by members with more than 10 messages, due to the technical features of the site and our desire to host garbage messages in the forum, the person's email address and personal information are deleted, their account is deactivated, their messages are kept in the system)

6-) The use of all materials against the Republic of Turkey and Islam is prohibited (Text, symbol, picture, sound file, video, flash animation...).

7-) It is forbidden to engage in discussions that may cause discrimination, especially with political and religious content.

8-) Some forums and sub-forums have their own rules or points that need attention. These rules should be read before posting messages on those forums. It is recommended to browse through all pinned topics.

9-) It is Forbidden to Publish Links of Forums or Websites in the Forum, as if to Advertise. Do Not Mind Sharing Your Links In Other Ways

10-) Members must be respectful to each other and to the authorities. General moral rules cannot be violated in any part of the forum, including the private messaging system, and others cannot be disturbed. We do not tolerate rudeness, hurtful expressions and personal attacks when dealing with topics and messages. It is strictly forbidden to upset people with malicious intent.

11-) When you have doubts, want to ask questions or complain about the forum, use the Contact Us form instead of writing to the forum.

12-) Before a new topic is opened, a "Search" should be made in the forum in order to understand whether that topic has been opened before. Each topic should be opened in the corresponding forum category.

13-) Discussion in the forum is strictly prohibited. Warnings should be heeded.

14-) The size of the pictures used in the signatures and avatars It is forbidden to use any provocative, insulting or similar graphics, pictures!

15-) It is forbidden to give personal information of others. (such as address, phone number, account information)

16-) To do anything that should not be done in such an environment; It is forbidden to send messages with empty content repeatedly, unnecessarily, especially in order to increase the number of messages. (You'll probably be warned first)

17-) Messages-topics of members who do not comply with the rules are deleted/moved/edited with or without warning. Despite the warnings, members who violate the rules will have their accounts canceled and removed from the site.

18-) As a user, you agree that all information you enter will be stored in a database. This information will not be distributed to third parties without your permission, but our site cannot be held responsible for the distribution of this information as a result of any hacking.

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